We ended last week with Madison running away from Peter because he slept with the other women. Now, we get the answer to that cliffhanger and a juicy Women Tell All (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Rose Ceremony

At first, we only see Hannah Ann and Victoria F., leaving us to wonder if Madison really did man up and ditch Peter's sorry butt.

But after an aside with Madison saying she was falling in love with Peter, she shows up.

Peter is actually sobbing while addressing the girls. Hannah Ann gets the first rose.

He gives the second one to Madison, and she reluctantly accepts it. You're too good for him, what are you doing girl?!

The petals on the rose are also falling off and I can't help but think about how symbolic this is of Peter's disastrous relationships.

Victoria F. is officially going home. Surprise, surprise...she doesn't know what to say even when they're breaking up. She blames Madison's ultimatum for the end of their relationship while crying in the car.

Peter, Madison, and Hannah Ann then have the saddest champagne cheers I have ever witnessed.

Now, onto the Women Tell All. I'll be breaking it up into the most memorable segments.

Sydney and Alayah

We get to revisit the drama between Sydney and Alayah, and it's still just as bad. Sydney once again reams into Alayah for being fake, while she insists that she's really just like that.

Shiann calls Victoria P. out for lying about being friends with Alayah. Her defense is that she's just weird like that sometimes.

The girls all start taking sides and within ten seconds they're all screaming so much that Chris Harrison cuts to the commercial break.

The Tammy Drama: Kelsey and MyKenna

Kelsey starts off by addressing Champagne-gate and she is able to laugh about it now. She's really matured throughout this season and I love her now.

Tammy still does not like Kelsey. She once again takes the stance that Kelsey is an alcoholic and tries to pretend that she's just concerned for Kelsey's well-being (the real reason is that she's insane).

Tammy then moves on to MyKenna, calling her fake and saying that she "spread her legs" every time she was on camera.

MyKenna actually can't stand it and starts screaming at Tammy. I was hoping for a physical fight, but Chris Harrison has to cut to commercial again.

MyKenna gets one more word in and tells Tammy to move to Canada so she can learn to be nicer.


Kelsey gets to sit center stage and tell her side of the story.

She goes on a diatribe about how it's okay to be emotional, and they bring crier-of-Bachelor-past Ashley I. out to support her.

The two bash emotional-shamers while Tammy gives the biggest eye roll in American history in the background.

Chris Harrison sends Kelsey off with her own giant bottle of champagne, and the first thing she does is shake it. Maybe she hasn't learned that much since Champagne-gate.

Victoria F. 

Victoria gets the hot seat next. She says that after watching the footage from the show, she finally realized how annoying she was.

She calls the show her biggest learning experience, so maybe she actually knows how to hold a conversation now.

Chris then addresses the rumors that Victoria is a homewrecker. She fully denies this and says that Peter's ex was just looking for clout.


Peter comes out on stage so that all of his ex-girlfriends can address him in person (aka every man's worst nightmare).

Kelsey tells Peter how grateful she was for him and Victoria F. apologizes to him for being a psycho.

MyKenna calls Peter out for leading her on on the two-on-one only to send her home hours later. Finally, justice is served.

It's also at this point that I notice my favorite Natasha isn't there. Props to her for being too good for this.

Peter ends the night by telling all of the women how brave they are for going on the show. Not sure if that's the word I'd use, but okay.

And then we get bloopers.


Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey comes on stage to talk about bullying. She explains that the women on the show are real people and that people should be nicer with their online comments.

Apologies for being semi-mean in these reviews.

Quotes of the Night

  • "All's well that ends up your nose."
  • "From a medical standpoint, as a nurse -" "You're a dermatologist!"
  • "I didn't call you stupid, I called you a dramatic f****** b****."
  • *Coyote howls* "Is that a chicken?"

The finale will be here next week and Peter receives news that is so bad he almost passes out.

As Chris Harrison put it, get ready for "one of the most unexpected and complicated endings we've ever seen."

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