In 2016, Ben Higgins stunned the world (or, at least Bachelor Nation) when he confessed his love for not one, but two women on The Bachelor.

Since then, the Denverite has become somewhat of a local celebrity in Colorado. Now, he's representing the state in its latest COVID-19 campaign: "Do Colorado Right."

In a cheeky video, Higgins shows Coloradans the correct way to wear a mask, proclaiming: "That's how you do Colorado right."

According to the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO), the goal of the campaign is to encourage both locals and tourists to take COVID-19 precautions when traveling around Colorado.

As for Higgins, he's currently living in Denver with his fiancée Jessica Clark (not his Bachelor pick), and planning squirrel-themed obstacle courses for current contestant Matt James. 

While his reality television moves may be questionable, Higgins clearly has a few things down: wear your mask and do Colorado right.

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