It's time to explore the aftermath of Champagne-gate 2020. (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Hannah Ann denies stealing the champagne again and Kelsey still doesn't know the definition of bullying. We learn that this situation has taken two days to resolve. Two. Whole. Days.

One on One - Blonde Victoria

Peter teaches blonde Victoria how to line dance and then they go to his favorite country bar.

After the bar, they sit down for dinner, where Victoria cries and tells Peter that she basically raised her siblings on her own because her mom used to be a drug addict. Peter listens intently without blinking once. She gets the rose. They kiss.

Group Date 

Demi Burnett (from Colton's season and Bachelor in Paradise) returns to plan a date for Peter. She decides to put all of the girls in underwear and force them to pillow fight in a boxing ring.

One girl pronounces lingerie like linger-ee. I died. Some girl named Alayah wins the pillow fight and is established as the new villain of the show. Take a back seat, Hannah Ann.

Cocktail Party

Sydney decides that she hates Alayah for beating her in a pillow fight, and tells Peter that Alayah "isn't here for the right reasons." The first of the season, wow.

Peter decides to resolve the situation in front of all the girls!! He literally makes Alayah go on the defensive in front of everyone. It's extremely awkward.

Alayah cries to Peter (with literal boogers coming out of her nose, poor girl) and tells him that she is there for the right reasons.

He doesn't believe her and gives Sydney the rose. For tattling. With no evidence. I am shook.

Pool Party

Peter goes full on FBI over Alayah and interrogates the other girls about her at a pool party.

Sydney continues to talk sh*t about her to Peter, and he tells Sydney that she is "strong." I officially hate Sydney.

Peter finds out that blonde Victoria knew Alayah before the show and Alayah made her lie about it. Peter confronts Alayah about this, and Alayah says she lied because she thought telling the truth would prevent her from getting on the show. There is more crying.

Peter can't tell who is telling the truth and he runs away.

Rose Ceremony

Peter is so pissed that he cut the cocktail party and went straight to the rose ceremony. After giving out almost all of the roses, Peter freaks out and WALKS OFF to cry to a producer.

Peter confesses that he still doesn't know what to do about Alayah to Chris Harrison, who is visibly trying not to act excited about the drama.

In the end...Peter decides to send Alayah (and some girl named Jasmine) home. For now. He immediately regrets his decision, and then...the episode ends.

Quotes of the Night

  • "I'm not a champagne stealer."
  • "I don't even really like champagne." - Kelsey, after crying about champagne
  • "Who wants to see their attorney dressed in lingerie on a TV show?"
  • "I just feel weak."

Get ready for the inevitable return of Alayah next week.

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