This week, Matt gets to meet the parents. Let's get it (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Hometown - Michelle

Michelle is from Minnesota, eh? But since they still can't travel, she decides to take Matt bike riding around Pennsylvania. I don't see how this is related to Minnesota at all, but okay.

During their bike ride, they stop to Zoom with Michelle's students, and they are grilling Matt. One five-year-old is even like: Do you like Michelle better than your other girlfriends? Yes, girl.

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Now, they're off to meet Michelle's parents, who are absolutely adorable. Michelle tells her mom that she's pretty much sort of falling in love with Matt.

However, I'm not so sure that he feels the same way. After saying goodbye to her family, Michelle drops the "falling in love" bomb on Matt, but he doesn't really say it back.

Sorry Michelle, he might like his other girlfriends better.

Hometown - Rachel 

The producer Rachel decides that she and Matt aren't going to do something boring like bike riding. Nope, they're going skydiving.

Unfortunately, her skydiving instructor accidentally faceplants her into the ground upon landing. She ends up being fine, but it's enough to make Matt realize that he doesn't ever want to lose her.

They go on to meet her parents, who do not seem to like Matt. Her mom is like...How can he not have any red flags? Dad is like...How the hell do you love my daughter when you're dating other women? Valid questions, folks.

Still, Matt and Rachel keep on gushing about how they're falling in love with each other. The only problem? Matt doesn't want to ask for Rachel's dad's blessing until he knows she's the one, which she is not happy about.

Hometown - Bri

I pretty much forgot Bri existed until now...How did she make it this far with this little screen time? But anyway, they're going off-roading to remember their one-on-one where Matt almost killed her. Romance.

Next, Matt goes to meet Bri's mom, who straight-up asks if he's in love with her. He kind of dances around the question like he did with Michelle.

But Bri isn't reading the signals right and tells her mom that she's in love with Matt. Her mom tries to dissuade her from telling him, but it's no use.

Bri confesses her love to Matt and he does not say it back.

Hometown - Serena

Serena takes Matt to a makeshift Canada workshop for their date. It's really cute, but I can already tell that she hasn't gotten the tantric yoga horror out of her head.

It gets even worse when they go to meet the families, and Serena reveals that she's doubting her relationship with Matt and gets a pit in her stomach about him. Yikes.

She tries to talk to him about her fears, but he kind of dismisses it.

Thankfully, Chris Harrison talks some sense into him, and Matt goes back the next day to really figure out Serena's feelings.

Unfortunately for Matt, she jumps at the opportunity to tell him that she doesn't like him and dumps him almost immediately.

Matt is pretty broken up about it, but it's better to get dumped than to get engaged to someone who doesn't like you...right?

Rose Ceremony

I literally do not know why there is a rose ceremony in this episode. There are three roses, and three girls. Everyone gets one. I'm only including this in my recap to reiterate how stupid it is.

Quotes of the Night

  • "Did you crap your pants?"
  • "Do you remember when you almost killed me?"

And we're onto the fantasy suites. See you next week!

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