Fantasy Suite week is finally here was kind of boring (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

As promised last week, Madison pulls Peter aside after the rose ceremony and tries to tell him that she'll leave him if he sleeps with the other girls.

Except her nervousness gets the best of her, and she articulates herself really poorly. Peter sort of knows what she's saying, but not really, and you can tell that he mentally decides to sleep with everyone anyway.

Disclaimer: My roommate and I shared some pretty strong wine last night while watching, so please excuse my lack of detail.

Fantasy Suite #1 - Hannah Ann

Peter and Hannah Ann go jet-skiing in Australia, but all I can really focus on is the ridiculous necklace he is wearing.

As usual, there's lots of making out. Hannah Ann reiterates that she's in love with Peter and he does the same — except he's still in the 'falling' in love stage.

Hannah Ann accepts the Fantasy Suite invitation, and Peter takes her to an amazing room complete with a hot tub and champagne.

That's all we get to see before they spend time alone without cameras for the first time.

Fantasy Suite #2 - Victoria F. 

Victoria F. is shocked to find out that Peter is taking her on a helicopter ride...he's a pilot who does this on almost every date. How is this still surprising?

They land near a waterfall and take about their communication struggles.

Peter remarks that he loves everything about their relationship except for the part where they have to communicate and have tough talks, convincing me once again that he is not ready for marriage.

As usual, Victoria struggles to talk about anything serious, and by the end of their conversation they have accomplished absolutely nothing in the world of communication.

But still, he asks her to the Fantasy Suite, and she says yes. We get an aside with Victoria the morning after, and she is now 100% convinced that Peter is the one for her.

Fantasy Suite #3 - Madison

Peter and Madison start off their date by scaling one of the highest buildings in Australia.

Somehow, Madison's fear of falling off the building makes her reevaluate her life, and she finally admits to herself that she is in love with Peter.

Later at dinner, Madison doubles down on the fact that she doesn't want Peter sleeping with other women. She also reveals that she's been saving herself for marriage.

After so much awkwardness, Peter admits that he slept with both Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

Madison walks off. Peter goes after her and asks if shes really willing to throw away their entire relationship after what he did.

And then...SHE ACTUALLY WALKS AWAY. BYE PETER. But, of course, the episode ends there.

Quotes of the Night

  • "Every time we've had a conversation, she's left me in that moment. But we're still here."
  • "It's been so frickin' real."

I told you this week was boring. But next week will surely bring the drama when Peter narrows it down to the final two, and we get the 'Women Tell All.'

Catch you then, Bachelor Nation.

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