The reign of Pilot Pete is finally over. We can put down the wine glasses and breath again (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

At this point, Madison has dumped Peter. Peter still loves Madison. But he doesn't really know what else to do, so he decides to propose to Hannah Ann anyway, because hey, why not?

The Proposal

Peter is waiting to propose to Hannah Ann in the desert when Chris Harrison tells him that she might not be coming (she's kind of aware that Peter is is love with Madison).

Peter almost passes out from this news and literally has to lie down with a producer. He also says it doesn't make any sense that Hannah Ann wouldn't want to marry him?? But you're in love with someone else??

Anyway, Hannah Ann shows up. Peter starts crying and spewing all this crap about how he's always loved her. She looks like she's trying not to puke.

But she buys all of his fake promises, and says yes to his proposal.

Back in America, Peter tells his parents that he is engaged to Hannah Ann and his mom loses it. Barb Weber is not stable.

The End of the Engagement

It's one month later and Peter is realizing that faking being in love with his fiance is a lot harder than he thought it would be.

He decides to tell Hannah Ann that he basically doesn't love her...and she calls. him. out.

She reams into him for proposing to her in the first place and tells him that everything he's ever said to her meant nothing.

She goes to leave in the car and he has the audacity to follow her. But before he can even talk she literally gives him the hand and simply says 'leave.' Amazing.

The Hot Seat: Peter and Hannah Ann

At the live show, Chris invites Peter and Hannah Ann front and center to talk about their failed relationship.

Hannah Ann once again yells at Peter for being a total idiot, and he attempts to interject with weak apologies.

Eventually, he gives up, and admits that Hannah Ann is right and that he sucks.

What gets me though, is that Peter's mom is actually cheering Hannah Ann on while she's yelling at her son. Even Peter's mom doesn't like him anymore.

Madison Goes Back for Peter

Chris Harrison stops by Alabama to tell Madison that Peter is still in love with her. Surprise — Madison regrets dumping him and still loves him too.

She goes to L.A. and tells Peter that she still loves him. He apologizes for messing up, and they make up like Hannah Ann meant nothing.

The Hot Seat: Peter and Madison

Chris brings Madison out to sit with Peter back at the live show. They admit that they're dating but just taking it "one day at a time."

I told everyone this was just going to be a repeat of Colton and Cassie. At least Colton didn't propose to anyone else.

But then it gets good. Barb Weber goes full on crazy and starts talking about all the reasons she still hates Madison in front of a live audience. It's so awkward.

Madison defends herself and says that she show isn't just about Peter's feelings, but hers too.

Chris asks Peter's dad to weigh in, and the poor man looks like he's about to poop himself. We all know that Barb probably has a gun pointed at him off camera wears the pants here.

But, Peter's dad gives in and says that Barb is right about Madison. Peter tells his parents that they're in love with each other anyway and that his parents need to accept that.

Quotes of the Night

  • "If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man."

And there you have it, season 24. How long do we think Madison and Peter will actually last?

I'll see you back here for The Bachelorette. I'll try to invest in cable by then. Thanks for reading, Bachelor Nation.

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