In what might be the most boring most dramatic season ever, Clare and Dale finally leave the show so that we can actually watch something semi-enjoyable (I know I'm like two days late but I don't have cable I'm sorry).

Chris Tells Clare to Get Her Sh*t Together

Chris Harrison sits Clare down and begs her to stop making his job harder.

Clare reveals that she is officially in love with Dale (even though she insists she's only known him for like a month), and she and Chris mutually agree that she has gotta go (thank God).

Clare then tries to save face and blabs on about how she still cares about the other guys soooo much. Look, Clare, I'm glad you fulfilled the show's mission and found "love," but don't even try to pretend like you give a crap about anyone but Dale.

Meanwhile, as the other men monologue about how they're going to try harder for Clare, Chris Harrison crushes their dreams and basically tells them that the show is cancelled.

One on One - Dale

Clare and Dale sit down for a romantic dinner where she finally drops the bomb and tells him that she is falling in love with him.

Dale responds by staring at her blankly and muttering "yeah" before remembering his potential career as an Instagram influencer and telling her he's falling in love with her too.

The pair then enjoy an awkward private concert before going off to do the dirty.

Clare Confronts the Guys

Clare tells the guys that she's running off with Dale and then starts crying when they get mad at her for it.

She makes this big speech about how she won't apologize for being in love, before finally mumbling some half-apology and leaving to cry to her family.

The Proposal

Dale begins by talking to the camera about how he can date Clare with no pressure. Lol.

Chris: Clare dumped all of the other guys for you.

Dale: *laughs*

Chris: Now you have to propose to her.

Dale: F*ck.

But Dale comes around and proposes to Clare with a gorgeous Neil Lane ring and some vows that are about as romantic as a brick wall. Nonetheless, Clare is ecstatic and accepts his proposal.

Chris Welcomes Tayshia

Chris tells the guys the news about the proposal, and let's them be sad for about two seconds before revealing that they have a new Bachelorette.

Jason and Blake struggle with the news for a bit, but in the end, the guys all decide that they have no problem forgetting Clare ever existed.

Then, Chris brings Tayshia in to meet Clare's sloppy seconds. Fingers crossed this second half will be less of a train wreck.

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