When you hear about a food fight, you might think about an elementary school lunchroom, but today's dumb criminal is an elderly woman who instigated a food fight at a Golden Corral restaurant and is now in trouble with the law.

According to WITN, a 64-year-old woman intentionally bumped into another man in his 60s in line at the North Carolina restaurant. Sure enough, servillance video shows the woman cursing at the man, grabbing his shirt, shoving him against a wall and slapping him. She actually assaulted the man and another woman in line. Plates were throw, one woman ended up on the floor, and police were brought in to investigate.

Turns out the woman went berserk because the man and woman she attacked had gone around her in line to pay while she was filling up a drink.

Old lady anger-pants was jailed on two counts of assault and battery, all because she couldn't wait an extra minute to pay for dinner. Wow.

Note to self: Never go to a bingo parlor with this woman.

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