Ryan McVay, ThinkStock[/caption]A Colorado man has graced our "Dumb Criminal" section once again, you probably shouldn't wear a shirt that has your name on it.

As the Denver Channel reported, a 68-year old Denver man made it pretty easy to track down an alleged bank robber, after he wore a shirt with his name on it while robbing a bank.

According to police, the Denver man went to a Wells Fargo bank branch in Denver with a shirt on, bearing his name.  The suspect approached a teller and said, "This is a robbery, give me the money."

It gets better though, the suspect also allegedly drove his own vehicle to the bank so investigators were able to use the license plate to track down the man.

Officers showed his DMV photo to a bank employee. "That's him. He's the one who robbed the bank this morning," the employee said.

The investigation that took all of five hours, resulted in the suspect being arrested.

While in custody, the man said he had "told his wife that he had borrowed the money and did not tell her that he had robbed the bank."


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