I'm pretty sure every bank robbery in every 80s movie made some sort of allusion the the exploding dye packs that banks can put in with money when they are being robbed. Guess this kid is a little young for that decade.

According to the St. Croix Source, a 16-year-old robbed a bank in the Virgin Islands but was arrested less than 10-minutes after the heist, thanks in part to the dye that was covering his hands, his clothes, and the money in his pockets. (Guess you could say he was caught red-handed, or blue-handed, or whatever color the dye was.)

The kid walked into a bank, handed a teller a note demanding money and then bolted with  sack full of cash. Inside said sack was an exploding dye pack that was a dead giveaway for police who showed up looking for the bank robber.

Boy wonder here is now awaiting his appearance in juvenile court.

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