Burglarizing a home probably isn't the smartest idea, but then to sign into social media while you do it?  Definitely not the smartest idea.

A man in Minnesota has landed himself in jail because he logged on to Facebook — during his alleged crime.

As reported by KDVR, police say the man checked his profile from a home he broke into — but....he didn’t log off.

When the homeowner got home, noticed some items were missing, notified police then noticed something on his computer.

Much to his surprise, he found that the intruder logged into Facebook and left it up.

The homeowner then shared his photo and updated the guys status asking anyone to call him with information on his whereabouts.

The homeowner got a text from the burgular later that evening and wanted to give his stuff back to him.

It didn't end very well for the burglar as he is now facing up to 10 years in prison an $20,000 in fines if convicted.

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