I think Monopoly has led us all to believe that we can receive bank errors in our favor. News flash; if you find an extra $31,000 in your bank account, you might want to think twice about spending it.

According to ABC News, an 18-year-old in Georgia found a mysterious $31,000 deposit in his bank account, and rather than asking where it came from he immediately withdrew 20-grand and made another five-grand worth of purchases with his ATM card.

It took ten days for the bank to realize they were missing money that was supposed to be placed in a different account belonging to a customer with the same last name at the teenager.

The teen came in and tried to withdraw more money that week and was told that there had been an error and he needed to return all of the money. He said the money was left to him as inheritance from his grandmother's estate. He also told a few other lies tot he bank and to police.

I'm pretty sure he's going to learn a hard lessons about honesty unless he find a way to get all of that cash back soon.

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