Let me start with: I'm not going to try and act like I'm a Colorado native, because I'm not. In fact, I'm only working on year two of calling this great state home, but I'm certainly thankful for the opportunity because I love it here.

Now, over my time of living in the Centennial State, I've learned and noticed some habits, opinions and observations are common in this beautiful state. And now, I've actually find myself replicating some of them, which makes me feel like I'm starting to transition into being a "true Coloradan."

Now, you may think I'm full of it after listing some of my observations, but I think I'm pretty spot-on with most of these things.

Right off the bat, literally within the first few days of living here, I came to notice the enormous amount of pride Coloradans have for their state and flag. Outside of maybe Texas (where I also lived for 7 years), I don't think there is a state that is more proud of and loves their state flag more than Colorado...and understandably so, because the Colorado flag is pretty awesome.

What's the Real Meaning Behind the State Flag of Colorado?
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Ok, so the amount of pride and love for the flag is just one of the elements I've noticed of a "true Coloradan." Let's go over the 23 other things I've noticed and see if you think I'm on to something, or just simply ON something and just another stinkin' transplant.


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7 Words to Learn to Sound Like a Colorado Native


7 Words to Learn to Sound Like a Colorado Native






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