I love hearing about these kinds of stories. Well, at least the ending of this story because the beginning of it is pretty infuriating and goes back to what Mom always used to say: if something doesn't belong to you, keep your hands to yourself.

I came across this Facebook post from a resident that brought up the fact that some person (people) came through and swiped the tip jar at the Dutch Brothers in Loveland.

After hearing about the incident from one of the employees, a Loveland Police officer put a call out to fellow officers about the situation, and Loveland PD along with the Larimer County Sheriffs took matters into their own hands:


You can check out the full post and comments HERE

We love and appreciate our police officers and law enforcement so much and this is just one of many things that they do for us and our communities that oftentimes go unnoticed and unrecognized.

Here's the thing, I have lots of friends and family members back home that are in law enforcement and they don't do this stuff for the recognition. In fact, most of them don't even care for it but this is something that, in the times that we're living in, needs to be put out there in my humble opinion.

So just a big thank you to Loveland PD and Larimer County Sheriffs for helping out these kids working at Dutch Brothers because let's face it, they don't make a ton of money, and a lot of what they make comes from tips. So to have that stolen is a real kick in the pants.

Thankfully, these officers came in to help. Thank you to officers everywhere for all you do for us and our communities.

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