There are some creeps and weirdos in this world, one of them happens to live in San Diego. This particular weirdo was arrested when one of his female neighbors came home to find him naked in her bed.

His excuse to police? He was in her bed because he didn’t want to startle her.

According to UPI, the 25-year-old man allegedly broke into his female neighbor’s apartment, undressed and climbed into her bed. The woman came home, found him there, freaked out and called police.

Officers arrived and arrested the man, who told them he went into the woman’s house because he heard a noise, then got naked and into her bed because he “he did not want to startle her.”

I may not know all that much about women, but I’m fairly certain that breaking into their home, taking my clothes off and getting in their bed wouldn’t win me any "good-guy" points anytime soon.

I'm not sure the "Yes, I broke in her house, but I didn't want to scare her" excuse is going to get him any leniency in court either.


Dumb Criminals

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