Ready to be grossed out? Guess how this pair of plus-sized gentlemen smuggled out thousands of dollars in stolen electronics from a Wal-Mart in Oklahoma City?

In their huggable, squeezable fat rolls, of course! Eww…

According to KFOR, the men were caught scoping out their merchandise on security video. Then loading a cart with items and taking it to an area out of camera’s eyes to open the packages and hide the goods on their bodies.

They get them in a backpack and take them to an area that is not observable by cameras. They take them out of the packages. They left the packages and went out of the store, through the checkout line. They did pay for some smaller items.

Thousands of dollars in electronics all stuffed in the fat rolls and various nooks and crannies of a couple overweight shoplifters.

Makes those black market electronics people sell out of the back of their vans a little less appealing, doesn’t it?

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Picture by Tobyotter, Flickr.

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