Okay, today’s dumb criminal might not have committed and actual crime, but he did showcase his extreme stupidity.

A priest in Illinois had to call 911 after getting stuck in handcuffs and gagged while “playing” at a church. (You can hear his 911 call below!)

According to the Illinois Times, our bound and gagged holy man was a priest at the St. Aloysius church and he has since been granted a leave of absence.

He actually had to call 911, from the church rectory, to ask for assistance to get out of a pair of handcuffs. He told the dispatcher he was “playing with them” and needed help getting out of them. He also told the dispatcher has was alone at the rectory, but how he managed to handcuff himself is still a mystery, and police also found some sort of gag in the man’s mouth when they arrived. (Hence the reason his voice sounds muffled in the 911 call. Listen to it for yourself.

At church and at work…probably not the best of places to experiment with gags and handcuffs considering the bad reputation some of those other crooked priests and pastors are giving their peers.