The world of movies and television are full of stories about an impending zombie apocalypse. But how many people would believe such a thing? Apparently four. That’s how many people called police after some tech geeks hacked a Montana TV station and put out what looked like an Emergency Alert System (EAS) warning about zombies.

According to TIME, Montana TV station KRTV had a bit of a security breach. Hackers got into their EAS system and put out a message saying,

Dead bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living.

The station engineers are looking into how this could have happened, and at least four different people called police to see of the zombie threat was real.


That is how many people got spooked by the zombie warning.

Not the fear-induced riot-in-the-streets of Montana that the perpetrators were probably hoping for.

But maybe they were just trying to play a little fun prank. But a TV station's EAS system is no place for jokes. Much like airport security lines and secret service agents, people take that stuff seriously!

You can watch the video below, I don't think I would have believed it either.

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