We all forget things; car keys, birthdays, appointments, to ask for extra ketchup packets in the drive-thru. But how on earth does a guy forget about his own infant daughter in the back seat of his car?! Police in Seattle had to come free in infant from the backseat of her dad's car after being stuck there for eight hours because dad 'forgot' about her.

According to KOMO, police received a call from someone who had noticed an infant all alone in the backseat of a car in a parking garage all day. Police arrived an unlocked the car and got the baby back to mom, but things got a little more disconcerting when the story of what happened came to light.

Dad had dropped off the other children in the family at day car, but had left the baby in the back, still strapped in her car seat.

I feel for the guy, because in the news report he looks like he really is distraught over his mistake, but come on man! That's your daughter!

Thankfully the baby was okay, the dad was allowed to leave because he had to go pick up his other daughter. He might face some pretty serious child endangerment or neglect charges.

You had one job dad, one job!