One would think that if someone’s girlfriend was in jail and they were trying to raise money for bond, they would probably try and pursue legal ways of gathering up the money, right?

I guess these two jailbirds were meant for each other. A 23-year-old man was busted trying to burglarize a house in order to get money to get his girlfriend out of jail on bond.

And to make matters worse, he was trying to rob someone who's house had just burned!

According to News Channel 5, this all went down in Tennessee. Police stumbled on our guy when he was wandering around a home that had just burned. He had no excuse to be there and police later uncovered that Prince Charming had sent texts to numerous friends telling them he was at the burned home and was trying to find something to steal that would cover the cost of his girlfriend’s bond.

So, instead of springing his lady-friend from jail, he was taken to jail and faces charges of burglary and driving with a suspended license.

I wonder what his girlfriend thinks of this mess.

Picture by rioncm, Flickr.

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