The visit of Donald Trump to Northern Colorado this week may have cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, but that doesn't mean the campaign will see a bill.

According to the Coloradoan, the Larimer County Sheriff's Office has said that they won't be seeking reimbursement from the campaign because with past candidate visits they haven't received payment.

So the issue doesn't have to do with Trump himself, but past candidates (and this years choices) have setup a frustrating situation for local officials.

$20,000 was paid to the Budweiser Events Center as a booking fee for the use of the facility.

Fort Collins Police Services are doing quite the opposite however, as they have sent a bill to the Trump campaign in the amount of $5,860 for the use of personnel to assist in the controlling of traffic. There is no word on if they will actually be in receipt of that payment.

When President Barack Obama visited Colorado State University during his re-election campaign, the city was not reimbursed for those costs. So the issue with candidates and the money they owe happens in both the Democratic and Republican parties.

31 personnel were used by Loveland Police for the Donald Trump visit. The city says that they will not bill the candidate either, as it is something they have never done.


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