The coolest movie theaters in Colorado include the few drive-ins that remain. When the Holiday Twin, in Fort Collins, opens, what four movies will they have?

Drive-in movie theaters are so nostalgic; even though you might be seeing a brand new movie, you're taken back to "simpler" times, sitting in your car with family and/or friends.

Dating back to 1968, when it opened as the Starlight Drive-In, the Holiday Twin in Fort Collins has seen not only tens of thousands of people come through, but imagine all the different cars that have been there. It would be amazing to see a time-lapse of that.

What Were the First Movies That Played at The Holiday Twin in Colorado?

Back when The Starlight opened in 1968, it was just one screen with two movies:



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The Holiday Twin is not only a piece of Colorado and Fort Collins history, it remains as a part of the Northern Colorado community. Everyone looks forward to when it's going to open each season, eve if they don't plan on going.

Thousands of Coloradans have great generational stories about seeing movies at the Holiday Twin: Going with their parents, going with their friends as they got older, then bringing their own kids to see a show.

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When the Holiday Twin opens for the 2024 season on April 20, their 56th season will bring in about 100 movies for us to enjoy, or pan (mostly enjoy.)

The question about the Holiday Twin that comes to my mind every March/early April is, 'What will be the first movies?'

What Were the First Movies at the Holiday Twin in 2023?

Holiday Twin Drive-In - Opening Weekend 2023
Facebook/Holiday Twin

What Movies Might Be Showing on Opening Weekend 2024 at the Holiday Twin?


This kind of movie has "Holiday Twin" written all over it: It's big, it's fun.


This feels like a solid bet; there'll be a lot of parents bringing their kids to the Holiday Twin for the very first time, the opening weekend in 2024.


Here, we have one of the biggest movies of 2024, so far; a perfect film for one of the big screens at Holiday Twin. Be sure to crank up the audio in your car, the score and sound effects for this one, are intense.


Fun and nostalgia come together with Ghostbusters, it would not be surprising to see the Holiday Twin playing it for opening weekend.


The Holiday Twin is a great venue for a horror flick: being scared to death while safe and sound in the comforts of your own vehicle. Chills.

Dave's 'Best Bet' for the First 4 of 2024 at the Holiday Twin:

  • Screen 1: Kung Fu Panda 4 - Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire
  • Screen 2: Dune 2 - The First Omen

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