Another great Colorado Mexican restaurant has opened, in a location that was home to another popular Mexican restaurant.

They say, "when one door closes, another door opens," and that seems to apply to this new place in Fort Collins, a new location for a growing restaurant.

It was announced in early 2024, that Lupita's Mexican Restaurant would be closing down after 13 years. Soon after, a Mexican restaurant in Berthoud announced that it would be opening its second location in Lupita's spot.

La Casita Chooses Fort Collins for Second Location

After a very successful three years in Berthoud, La Casita has set its sights on succeeding in Fort Collins, filling the void left by Lupita's.

From La Casita:

[We]  think that through the 3 years that we have had our first location in Berthoud our customers really have felt at home when coming into the restaurant!

They have told us and we have seen reviews that our food and the environment here makes them feel at home which is something I think is very important!

Seeing as how Lupita's was a hit for over 10 years at the City Park Plaza location, La Casita's authentic offerings should also succeed.

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I stopped into La Casita in Fort Colllins, not long after they opened for lunch. City Park Plaza has a small parking lot, and it was full that day, with mostly La Casita customers, coming into sit and dine, or taking orders to-go.

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The service was friendly and delightful; the food was delightful as well. It's no wonder that they've done great business in Berthoud.

Take a look at Colorado's newest La Casita in Fort Collins:

La Casita Mexican Restaurant in Fort Collins

They say, "when one door closes, another door opens," and that seems to apply to this new place in Fort Collins. La Casita has taken over a former Mexican restaurant's space to open their second location.

Gallery Credit: Dave Jensen

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