If you love barbecue in Colorado, you're going to want to stay up to date on this restaurant's latest news, as they have a new spot, opening soon.

They're known for doing things their own way when it comes to 'cue; they like breaking the rules of "the norm." With that attitude, they've succeeded, and are making a move to (most likely) succeed even more.

Many travelers along Highway 34 in Loveland may have heard of White Paper BBQ, or at seen their smoker while making their way up to Estes Park. Now, it's travelers along Highway 287 that will not be able to miss their new spot.

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Where Was White Paper Located Up Until Now?

They were a part of the Loveland location of Berthoud Brewing on the west side of town at Cascade Avenue, right by the La Quinta Hotel. They'd been there, according to the Reporter-Herald, since 2021.

White Paper BBQ - Loveland
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Where Will the New Location of White Paper Be in Loveland

They will be taking over the southeast corner of Lincoln Avenue and Third Street, where Kirby's Hitch & Wiring was for many years.

Kirby's Hitch & Wiring
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When Will the New Location Be Open?

They are currently working on renovating the building, hoping to be inside by the time the summer of 2024 rolls around. In the meantime, they're bringing their food truck to the corner, with picnic benches to help enjoy the food.

White Paper BBQ
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This will be a great spot; in Downtown with plenty of room for their smokers. That great barbecue smell will draw people from The Foundry and from 4th Street to try them out their Texas-Colorado brand of 'cue.  They have a great motto:

History is meant to be changed.

It's great to see another restaurant moving into Downtown, as opposed to places closing down (like Betta Gumbo;) giving residents and visitors another choice.

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