Supposedly Black Friday deals could be rolling in as early as October, but what are some of the other predictions for Black Friday this year?

A site dedicated entirely to the holiday of ultimate retail consumption called released their list of top predictions for Black Friday in 2016, which lands on November 25. They say some Black Friday ads could leak as early as this month, as they did last year. Many of the ads are expected to be released the first week of November, however.

They also see Black Friday 2016 as being a very digital year; with higher popularity in online shopping, stores will likely shift much of their focus to online deals on Black Friday, getting a head start to Cyber Monday. Online sales are also expected to reach $3.08 billion this year, compared to $9.2 billion in stores (down from $10.4 billion in 2015, according to Time).

Products to watch for great deals are video games, bundles for Xbox One and PS4, 1st Generation Apple Watches (projected at less than $200), Fitbits (less than $100 projection), and of course "unbelievable prices" on TVs.

Favorite deals from years past like Target's Apple products paired with high value gift cards and Kohl's KitchenAid mixer deal complete with Kohl's Cash are also expected to return for Black Friday 2016.

Keep in mind, these predictions are focused on Black Friday nationally and for big box stores. There are a lot of great local businesses here in Northern Colorado that not only have their own holiday (Small Business Saturday on November 26, 2016), but deserve our business on Black Friday, as well.

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