The gang at Rock Bottom in Loveland will hold their "Give Back Night," giving 15% of sales on the night that they tap Fire Chief Ale (February 29,) to Children's Hospital Colorado Burn Camps.

We will [also] have a dj and a raffle with prizes.



I reached out to SPB Hospitality about the change and they replied:

While we are not having a unified campaign this year, our restaurants will still be offering the annual Fire Chief ale, and we are encouraging them to support a local charity of their choice in the form of a Give Back Night.



Each restaurant will be able to partner with a local fire related organization and give back 15% of sales for any guests dining for the organization on the chosen night.


We value our partnerships with local community organizations and hope this initiative continues to be a success in raising funds for for a great cause.

We will update on what night the Loveland Rock Bottom will be holding their Give Back Night, when that information becomes available.


**UPDATE: February 20 2024:

As of February 20, 2024, the parent company of Rock Bottom, SPB Hospitality, has made the decision to not contribute any portion of the "Fire Chief" ale to Children's Hospital Colorado with the 2024 release.

If SPB Hospitality changes their minds, we will update this story, again.


Rock Bottom Breweries nationwide have been brewing a 'dedicated' ale for over 20 years, raising funds to help local fire-related charities. Loveland's is no exception.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day comes Rock Bottom's "Fire Chief Ale," an Irish Red Ale that tastes great. The beer also does something great.

Rock Bottom Brewery in Loveland, Colorado
TSM/Dave Jensen

Rock Bottom got its start in 1991 in Downtown Denver, Colorado, at the bottom of the Prudential building. Prudential was known as "The Rock," so this new brewery named itself Rock Bottom.

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There are almost 20 nationwide now, including the one at The Promenade Shops at Centerra.

How Does 'Fire Chief Ale' in Loveland, Colorado, Help Kids?

A portion of the sales of "Fire Chief," until the supply runs out, will go directly towards the Children's Hospital Colorado's Burn Camps Program. Among other events, the program puts on a weeklong camp in Estes Park each year.

The camp costs over $1,600 per camper, but through fundraising efforts such as Loveland's Rock Bottom 'Fire Chief Ale,' the kids can participate in the life-changing event for free.

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What is the Burn Camp Program All About?

It's a rehabilitative medical specialty camp for children who have survived burn injuries. The program creates a place where kids can heal from the inside out.

Facebook/Children's Hospital Burn Camps

When is 'Fire Chief Ale' Available at Rock Bottom?

It begins with a tapping party on Leap Day 2024, February 29, at 6 p.m. Everyone who would like one will get a free 10-ounce glass of "The Chief."

Firefighters from the local fire departments will be on hand taking donations throughout the night.

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