The Movie Theaters of Fort Collins, Northern Colorado
If you have ever been on any social media platform, you will know about the current trend of binging television series’ and movies through your very own television or mobile device. Nowadays, people just “Netflix and chill” or “Hulu and relax” or whatever televisio…
Spook Your Socks Off With These Haunted Fort Collins Area Spots
Rigged haunted houses are a big attraction for people of all ages around this time of year, but what about real haunted houses? Whether or not you believe in the myths and legends of haunted houses, ghosts and spirits, these real-life ghost stories will send enough chills down your spine to cool you…
Greeley Church Burns After Reported Lighting Strike
The Denver Channel is reporting that a lighting strike may have caused a fire at a Greeley church Sunday night.
The Faith Tabernacle Church was full when the fire broke out in the attic, fortunately nobody was hurt.
Witnesses reported lighting strikes in the area when the blaze occurred...

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