When a Colorado brewery decides it's time for them to move away from their great location, you know it won't be long before somebody snags the space.

Who is is this pizza purveyor coming to take over Crow Hop's former location in Downtown Loveland, anyway?


What Happened to Crow Hop Brewing in Loveland, Colorado?

Crow Hop Brewing, which had been in operation in Downtown Loveland for over 10 years, between their two locations, closed their taproom on 4th Street in the summer of 2023.

Where is Crow Hop's Taproom, Now?

You'll find Crow Hop beers at Grimm Brothers Brewhouse, within The Forge in Loveland, at 14th Street SW, and Taft Avenue.

Who Is This New Pizza Place Taking Over Crow Hop's Space on 4th Street?

Urban Field Pizza & Market, which has one location in Longmont, is set to come and take over the spot.

Crow Hop in Loveland's former taproom location in Downtown
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How Long Has Urban Field Been in Longmont?

They opened in 2022, in a new development off of Main Street and 2nd Avenue, near the great Wibby Brewing.

Urban Field Pizza & Market
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How Many Pizza Places Does Downtown Loveland Have, Not Counting Urban Field?

As of early 2024, there's only one other pizza spot in Downtown, Slice n' Roll Pizza, which opened in 2022, not far from where Urban Field & Market will be.

What Makes Urban Field & Market a Market?

Not only to having pizza, they offer many other food options.

From BizWest:

...From shrimp scampi to smashed burgers to chicken Caesar salad sandwiches to enormous fried mozzarella sticks that tip the scales at more than one pound, “we’re doing so much more than just pizza,” [Culinary Director Nick] Swanson said. “… We can really compete with any restaurant in town with what we offer.”

When Will Urban Field Be Opening in Downtown Loveland?

By the summer of 2024, according to BizWest. 

Urban Field/Crow Hop
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