Super-liking someone on Tinder takes swiping-right to a whole new level. Perhaps unfortunately for some, I swipe left whenever anyone Super Likes me.

I totally get when you're browsing through profiles, swiping left and/or right on people, you see a SUPER cute person and want them to know you're interested. I've totally been there. Swiping "up" to Super Like someone is an easy way on Tinder to do just that - let them know you're interested before they make their decision to swipe left or right on you. (In case you didn't know, the blue star circle is the Super Like symbol, or you can swipe up to Super Like someone.)

Though, whenever I get that notification on my phone that says "You've been Super Liked!" I cringe. Why?

Mollie Kendrick/TSM

This might be hard for guys to understand a woman's point of view on Super Likes, but I'll do my best to explain my reasoning for swiping left on guys who Super Like me.

I equate "Super Liking" someone on Tinder to "poking" someone on Facebook to flirt. Guys, you have done it to me before and I have no doubt guys do it to most other women out there. It's creepy and unwanted (unless poking is an inside joke between friends or your parents poke you because they think they're being silly...but that's way different).

Plain and simple: Super Likes are creepy.

As petty as this may seem, I always find that I'm creeped out by the guys who Super Like me on Tinder, too. Why am I creeped out by them? It's just a weird vibe I'm getting, and I don't like it. Also, I'm not attracted to these guys (for various reasons).

True and weird story: I had a guy who works for the same company as me (in another market) Super Like me on Tinder recently. I don't know this guy, and like I said, he's in a different market. Perhaps he didn't know that I work for the same company as him because I hide my workplace/profession from my Tinder profile. However, when I saw that this guy in somewhat of a management position within my company Super Like me, I freaked out. (But only after taking screenshots for my personal records...just because. Haha!)

To avoid from this post being 100% about saying "Super Liking a girl is bad/creepy and anyone that Super Likes me or other girls is creepy," I'll offer advice to Tinder users that want to increase their chances of getting matches.

Don't swipe "up." (Don't Super Like anyone.)

Do with this advice what you will, but I'm being super honest about these Super Likes. They're bad news and if they deter me from swiping right, chances are it's the same story for other women out there (not necessarily all, but probably a lot).

When in doubt, just swipe right.