Pour Brothers Community Tavern in Old Town is asking for local (and single) 'eye candy' to step forward and be a prize date in a charity auction. Do you volunteer as tribute?

No, really, we wouldn't make this up. In a very vague Facebook post, Pour Brothers said:

'We are looking for some local eye candy (men and women) in Fort Collins who are looking for love and would be interested in being the prize in a date auction at Pour Brothers. All proceeds would go to a local nonprofit.'

Well, hey it's for a good cause...and they said they'll throw in some free drinks to settle your nerves, so you can get liquored up for free! If your February blues have set in, why not get out there and find a date, right? Think you're up for it? Send Pour Brothers a message here.

Seven Questions in Heaven: Fort Collins 'Jorts Guy' at Pour Brothers

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