The new Star Wars movie is out this weekend and those that absolutely love this Sci-Fi franchise are going full tilt on not just seeing the movie, but getting dressed up and going all out for "The Last Jedi". Just as the force was strong in young Luke, the passion runs deep for many of his fans. While I respect the passion, the level of fandom that many have for Star Wars can cause difficulties with reality.

Eric Negron had a girlfriend. Her name is Sheila. Sheila says that Eric wanted a Star Wars wedding. If they had a child, he wanted to name it after a Star Wars character. They didn't have a car, but they did have a life-sized Han Solo carbonite in the living room. Sheila told Eric he had to choose between her and Star Wars. Eric is now single.

Another man in Orlando created a life-sized Darth Vader helmet made of gummy bears. It took him 65 hours and 1,000 gummy bears to get the job done. To be fair, I don't know if the man known as "Crummy Gummy" has a partner, but 65 hours is a long time and would cut into a social life.

While I lack the logic to understand these two gentlemen, I do respect the passion. Maybe there is that special someone out there that would embrace and share the love for Star Wars and the lifestyle that comes with it. has compiled data from the profiles of their users to find the best places to find human life-forms that share all things Star Wars and might be willing to engage in some form of heavy petting and social displays of affection. The good news for men in Colorado looking for such a hook-up, you don't have to travel to the end of the galaxy!

According to, the #1 city to date a female Star Wars fan is:

For the ladies, there is a bit more travel required. The #1 city for you is:
Orlando-Kissimmee, Florida.

May the force be with you all!

For fun, here is "Triumph The Insult Dog" a few years ago visiting a collection of Star Wars fans. Please note that there is some ADULT CONTENT contained within, but man is it funny!

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