The Denver Broncos looked great yesterday. In their color rush uniforms sporting the old D logo on the helmet decked out in orange, they looked sharp - at least with what they were wearing.

Outside of that, there was nothing pretty about yesterday's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. In particular, the game-changing play at the end of the third quarter yesterday.

Quarterbacks don't get paid to be and aren't expected to be good tacklers. There have been many times I've seen pick-sixes - an interception returned back for a defensive touchdown - and don't see the quarterback in the picture.

But there are times and occasions in a game when at the very least, there should be at least a little effort to get in the way to slow down the player attempting to run the ball back for a touchdown.

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One of those times was during yesterday's Broncos loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Broncos trailing and driving for the game-tying touchdown in the third quarter, on a 4th and 1 play, running back Melvin Gordon plowed into the line looking like he may have gotten the first down.

But there was a massive problem. He lost the ball in the pile and it was picked up by Eagles defensive back Darius Slay who proceeded to run with it downfield toward the endzone.

I had to watch it a couple of times to make sure I saw what I saw and at first, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But after seeing it again, I was surprised at the effort from Teddy - or lack thereof - in that crucial play of the game. Check it out for yourself. Am I missing something here?

Here's another look at it with it slowed down:


There were several Broncos, many of them big linemen, who tried to get him but to no avail. Then there was Teddy, who was right there within arm's length but made no attempt whatsoever to even try to slow him down.

Would he have tackled him? Probably not. Could he have slowed him down or at least knocked him off balance to give his other guys a shot to catch him? Yes. And even if the answer is no, you have to put in more of an effort than that. It's just a bad visual all around, both to your teammates and to the fans in the stands that are paying good money to come to these games.

Here's what Teddy had to say about the play postgame. And many others had something to say about the play as well, none of it positive.


Hey look, we all make decisions that we wish we could take back sometimes. You have to wonder if Teddy feels that way today. There are still seven games to play in this season, so we'll see how he and his teammates react and rally to this disappointment.

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