The Denver Broncos aren't just making sweeping changes this off-season when it comes to their personnel, but their uniforms look to be set for a massive change as well.

Denver Broncos Changes For The 2024-25 Season

It's been clear that after last season, the Denver Broncos' ownership is tired of not performing to our capability and that message was clearly heard by GM George Paton and Head Coach Sean Payton as sweeping personal changes have taken place since the 2024-25 season official began this month.

Sure, the releases of our star QB Russell Wilson, and team favorite Safety Justin Simmons were shocking changes, but the biggest change of all is yet to come as the Broncos are introducing brand new uniforms.

Denver Broncos To Debut New Uniforms For The 2024-25 Season

Since debuting back in 1960, the Denver Broncos have had six different uniforms. The last full uniform change happened back in 1997 when the famous "D Logo" and the classic orange jerseys were changed to the current logo and uniform designs we see today.

Sure, we went from the navy blue home jerseys back to orange in 2012, but the overall design hasn't changed in nearly 30 years. As we get ready for the 2024-25 season though, that all changes...

As seen in the video above, "new threads" are on their way for the Broncos this season. While the classic orange and blue colors will remain, the uniforms have been completely re-designed and will be unveiled sometime in April.

Broncos Owner & CEO was fired up about the uniforms, saying:

I'm really excited! It's time for a change, and we think we'll have something that honors Broncos Country and our fans will be pleased (with) elements of Colorado. It was an interesting process that Carrie was deeply involved with, I was, Coach (Sean Payton), coaches, and some of our players. So we got a lot of feedback, also from the fans. I think we have something they'll be excited about.

There have been many cool mock-ups from fans, including the re-introduction of the old D-logo and the addition of mountains on the sleeves to represent the Rock Mountains in Colorado.

It's worth noting that when the Broncos changed their Uniforms in 1997, they went on to win back-to-back Super Bowls. I cannot wait to see what the Broncos have come up with! My guy Dave Jensen will post the pictures once the team releases them. Go Broncos!

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