While in the Northern Colorado area over the weekend, this Denver Broncos Hall of Famer visited one of our favorite local BBQ restaurants. I wonder what he ordered.

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Denver Broncos Hall Of Famer Visits Northern Colorado Restaurant


Have you ever been eating a meal, or walking around a store, mall, etc., and randomly looked up to see one of your favorite celebrities in the same place you are? It happens in Northern Colorado way more than you'd think.

I remember one time after leaving a WWE show at the then Budweiser Events Center and heading over to Hooters at Crossroads and I-25. When I got there, the current WWE World Champion Alberto Del Rio was there with a few other wrestlers getting their post-match grub on.

My buddy who was the GM at the time told me he comped their bill, and they left without tipping, but that's a story for another day.

Another friend of mine bumped into Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Loveland Walmart on Highway 34. Literally bumped into him. How cool would that be? Almost as cool as running into one of the greatest players to ever wear a Denver Broncos Jersey.

Peyton Manning Eats At Nordy's BBQ In Loveland, Colorado

Nordy's BBQ & Grill is for sure one of my favorite local BBQ places in Colorado. Probably the GOAT of local BBQ in my opinion. I'm not alone apparently as the former Denver Broncos legend, and NFL Hall Of Famer, Peyton Manning, was just there dining over the weekend.

Imagine plowing down some BBQ and an ice-cold beer at the Nordy's bar, look up, and there's Peyton, Freaking, Manning. I'd freak out. I don't even know if I'd have the courage to ask for a pic. Mostly because know how it feels to be asked for pix while trying to eat I guess. Peyton not only has great taste in football teams (GO BRONCOS), but in BBQ as well. What do you think he ordered? It's all good so regardless, we're sure he left happy. Next time, P-money, let me know you're in town and I'll join ya!

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