It will likely go down as one of the biggest mistakes the Denver Broncos ever made: Bringing on Russell Wilson to be the starting quarterback. We can't dwell on the past, we can only hope for tomorrow.

As it's been known to do, the internet has a lot to say now that Wilson is moving on to Pittsburgh. He's tough enough to take it, we're sure.

Russell Wilson
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After 10 seasons, eight playoff appearances and one Super Bowl win, Russell Wilson was let go by the Seattle Seahawks. Soon after, the Mile High City got excited, as the winning QB was headed to Denver.

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After two seasons of disappointing results, Wilson was notified that he'd be let go at the start of the 2024 regular season. With that, Russell decided to join the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have had Kenny Pickett as their starting QB since 2022.

With all the struggles that Wilson and the Broncos saw with Wilson as the quarterback, it was inevitable that people would be commenting on the web about him going to Pittsburgh.

Let's take a look at ten of those comments that caught our eye:


Mathew McConaughey's character in the fist season of "True Detective" had a way of getting under the skin of his partner, played by Wood Harrelson. You could see Rustin saying "Let's Ride," and pitching the "Dangerwich."


@dangerusswilson Duet this. IF YOU DARE. And get my Dangerwich @Subway #SubwayVault #PassTheSub #foodtok ♬ original sound - Russell Wilson

The Broncos owed Wilson $39 million, but whatever the Steelers were to be paying him would be deducted. So, the Broncos only owe him $37.8 million now.



This one is my favorite:


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