It was a rough Monday at US Bank in Windsor, as it appears they got scammed out of some of the bank's money by somebody using a 'short change' scam.

On Monday afternoon (January 14, 2019) at around 3:15 p.m. the US Bank location inside Windsor's King Soopers had an incident. At first, it sounded like an actual robbery- I was thinking that somebody had distracted a teller and while they're back was turned - they reached in and grabbed some cash.

NOT to say that the bank wasn't robbed, but it wasn't a 'nobody move!' situation.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Windsor police report that the perpetrator used a 'short change' scam where they confuse or 'distract' their victim, thereby walking away with more money than they should have.  They aren't saying how much the bank got taken for in this particular scam.

They are currently gathering information from witnesses and cameras within the bank and store to track the man down.

Windsor Police recently posted captured stills from video cameras at US Bank:

Below is a recreation of how some 'short change' scams are done:

Get more on the scam/robbery from the Greeley Tribune HERE.

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