I made a pretty big life decision this weekend - I signed my life away by buying my first vehicle.

I decided to go with a Jeep Renegade (in a pretty green they call "Commando"), and I absolutely love it! It's big, but not too big for me. It's sporty. It's spunky. It's badass.

Driving the Jeep Renegade for only a couple days, I've already observed something interesting about the interaction between SUV and pickup truck drivers, compared to that between sedan and minivan drivers and SUV/pickup truck drivers.

As a former sedan and minivan driver myself (yes, minivan), I would always find pickup truck drivers racing me, cutting me off, and just being downright awful drivers. Other SUV drivers weren't as bad.

Now as the driver of a Jeep, I've noticed pickup trucks are a whole lot nicer on the road, but other SUV/Jeep drivers try to "out-SUV" or "out-Jeep" my car. In other words, SUV drivers are now the ones trying to race me, cut me off, and are downright awful drivers.

To be honest, I myself am probably one of the awful SUV drivers now. The above statements are also only based on my personal observation.

Why do we behave this way as drivers? Have you ever noticed a change in behavior in other drivers like this when you're driving various types of vehicles?  Or are awful drivers ALWAYS awful drivers no matter what vehicle YOU are driving?

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