The school year is about to end in Northern Colorado, and kids throughout the entire region are eager to to head into the summer break to go to the next grade.

It also means that we need to take a minute to thank all of our teachers for the following: providing guidance for our children and being someone that they can look up to each day.

My kids go to school in all different grades throughout the Poudre School District.. I have children in both elementary and middle schools in the district, and I couldn't think of better school systems for them than what we have throughout Northern Colorado.

No matter if your children go to Poudre, Thompson, Greeley-Evans, Estes Park, or any of the other districts, I think we can all agree that we are very lucky to have the administrators we have to watch over our kids each weekday.

The thing is, do we thank our teachers enough? I can sit here and adamantly say...we don't. And I don't think we could ever do enough to show them our thanks.

Teacher playing guitar for students

My oldest son was honored at Boltz Middle School Friday morning with his English teacher nominating him for her "Citizen of the Month" award. My wife and I were so proud of him to see how much he has grown over the year, and the strides he has made in eighth grade.

But what I also saw, as I have seen over the years, is how much our teachers love to also see how much our kids grow as that 180 day school year goes by. The words that his English teacher wrote about him admittedly had me tear up a bit, because she noticed what we have all noticed and she couldn't have written it any better than what she did. But I hope she also realizes that it is because of her, and his other teachers this year, that he was able to grow like he did and prepare him for the next level like no one else could.

Our teachers truly light up when they talk about our kids. They treasure the moments that they have with them, and feel rewarded when these children have the success they deserve.

Just like his band director, who lives and breathes the music while the children he teaches gets wrapped into his only walk away feeling that passion themselves.

Or our children's elementary school principal, who if you looked in the dictionary would have her picture next to the definitions of the words "caring", "passionate", "dedicated", and "role model".

These are just three examples that I can give for what I have seen during this entire school year, and what we've experienced in past school years. I could go on and on about every teacher we have met over time, but I think I would need a few more pages to get those thoughts out.

However, I think you understand where I'm going, and I hope this has also made you think about if your teachers feel the appreciation on a daily basis as well.


Teachers and school administrators throughout Northern Colorado don't do this for the money.

They don't get into the teaching profession for "fame and glory".

They also don't teach because it "pays the bills".

Teachers in every school district do this because THEY WANT TO. It's because they want to guide the next generation in the right direction so they can also make a difference in the world.

I can't stress that enough. Our teachers, who are the true difference-makers in the world, want to pave the way for children so they can one day be president of the United States.

Maybe they can be the next leader of a major symphony orchestra.

Maybe they can be developed into a true leader of our country...being a teacher themselves.

But our children wouldn't be able to achieve these heights without our teachers. There's no question about that. That's a fact.

So, as parents, do we say thank you enough? No.

Do I ever think we could say thank you more times than warranted? No. I think we need to say it as many times as we can.

However, I ask you that when you see our teachers, make sure you make it a point to say THANK YOU whenever you can. Help your teachers as a volunteer reading to kids in the classroom. Next year, raise your hand to chaperone a field trip, and sign your name to donate to the next class party.

Doing these things will not only show our teacher's appreciation, but will also show them that we are in their corner every second of the day...every day of the year.

And for my children's teachers and school administrators? THANK YOU for what you do for my kids. Whether you are Mrs. Stolte at Linton Elementary, Mr. Larsen at Boltz Middle School, Ms. McGrath at Boltz Middle School or one of the many teachers my kids have had over the years, you are the true building blocks to my community.

For everyone reading this in districts across our region, step back and ask yourself, "What can I do to help my schools and teachers?"

And then ask yourself...did you thank a teacher today? If you do it, it will go a long way.


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