Katy Perry followed her somewhat embarrassing performance at the NRJ Awards in France, which saw her lip-sync out of tune before flipping the switch to live, at the finale of British 'X Factor' (Dec. 15). She delivered a memorable performance of her sweeping song 'Unconditionally.'

Perry started off as a gilded bird, in a golden cage, and she was then free and performed in the middle of the stage. We got the message -- opening the cage is like opening her heart.

The singer was a golden, glowing goddess, complete with feathers and glitter, and she infused her perf with the kind of passion you cannot fake.

It was not flawless, vocally speaking, which is a recurring Katy Perry problem, but it was fully entertaining. Her visuals guarantee that you can't, won't and don't take your eyes off of her while she is onstage.

That's equally as important as how you sound in the pop music sphere.

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