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The Lonely Island Are Making a Movie with Judd Apatow
We hope you Motherlovers are ready for this news: Andy Samberg and his pals from The Lonely Island are teaming up with Judd Apatow to make a movie. This news is so logical that we're surprised it didn't happen five years ago and isn't already an underrated comedy classic.
Listen to Lorde's Sketchy High School Band
Apparently not satisfied with the fact that 'Royals' is potentially the most overplayed song of the past year, somebody dug up an album Lorde recorded with her high school band a year before releasing her breakthrough, 'Pure Heroine.'
Two More LEGO Movies Dated Through 2019
Everything really is awesome in the world of LEGO. After the success of Warner Bros.' 'The LEGO Movie,' the studio quickly signed off on 'The LEGO Movie 2' for a 2017 release. But now, with more than two years until the sequel, two more LEGO movies have been dated!

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