Apparently not satisfied with the fact that 'Royals' is potentially the most overplayed song of the past year, somebody dug up an album Lorde recorded with her high school band a year before releasing her breakthrough LP, 'Pure Heroine.'

The fan site Lorde Daily unearthed a 2012 album, 'Characters,' that Lorde recorded when she was 16 with her band, And They Were Masked. As Consequence of Sound notes, the New Zealand outfit described themselves as "future noir" and cites the Mars Volta, Fugazi, PJ Harvey and more disparate artists as influences.

Although Lorde (then known only as Ella Yelich O’Connor) has only scattered appearances on the record, she's prominently featured on the song, 'Piece of Mind,' and provides backing vocals on 'Sands of John.'

Listen to both right here:

Just how popular has Lorde become since then? Let these cows answer that question:

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