When you go skiing in Colorado you see a lot of things, but folks were both shocked and delighted by this skier and her sandwich.

When you hit the slopes you often see cute kids, some accidents, some great skiers and some "not so great" skiers; you probably don't see someone skiing with their lunch on their head.

Ski lift

In early March of 2024, a young female skier caught a lot of attention with the way she was carrying her sandwich - it was on her head:

dear girl with sandwich taped to your helmet…
byu/KeyUmpire4846 inBreckenridge

Many commenters on Reddit complimented the girl on her efforts:

This has trend written all over it.

I can’t believe i spent money on a backpack.

I want to be friends with helmet sandwich lady, she seems very smart!

Now that's using your head!

That's the best thing ever! Amazing! I need her autograph.

I always crush my sandwich in my pocket. This is genius.

I can agree that it's pretty ingenious to tape a sandwich to your helmet instead of trying to carry it in your ski jacket or a bulky backpack, but take issue with one thing:

The masking tape.

I don't think masking tape is the kind of tape you'd want to use to keep that sandwich on the helmet: Adhesive tape, in general, loses its "stickiness" in the cold, because the liquid component hardens; masking tape is notorious for doing this.

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So, what may have looked like a brilliant idea at first, may have ended up being a "lost sandwich on the slope" after a while.

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