When you hear this Colorado restaurant's name mentioned, it's an immediate attention-getter. Have you ever been to one of its local NoCo locations though? It's certainly worth the trip.

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Unique And Delicious Colorado Restaurant

In Colorado, we're pretty lucky when it comes to the variety of food and restaurant options not just around the state, but right here in Northern Colorado as well. Even though I'm certain we all still say "I don't know where to eat, nothing sounds good," it should never come to that because we have more options than just about any other area in Colorado.  Sometimes it feels like we have more food options than people. When this specific restaurant decided that Fort Collins, Colorado, was the perfect place to open its first (non-shared) location, there was a huge risk because of just how many different restaurants there were in the city. Turns out, it was the best decision they ever made.

Fat Shack Is Open And Ready To Serve Colorado

Back in 2011, Tom Armenti opened the very first Fort Collins Fat Shack. It was so popular that Tom, and partner Kevin Gabaurer, began to expand with a Boulder location just six months after opening the Fort Collins location. There are now 10 locations in Colorado and 28 locations across the United States. If you've never indulged, here's what you're missing out on.

The Fat Shack Fat Sandwich

How can you look at this masterpiece and not get hungry?

Fat Shack Cheeseburger

O...M...G... BRB

Are those fries on a Philly cheesesteak? WOW.

Side view of the Fat Sandwich. Looks so good.

The fat cow... I've gotta have one...

Fat Shack Deep-Fried Oreos

Yup... They've got dessert options too, don't worry.

They call themselves the Fat Shack for a reason so if you're looking for a salad, you might wanna get your mind right before walking into this heavenly NoCo restaurant. Enjoy.

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