Well DO you? Do you believe we have other lifeforms flying around in spaceships checking our planet  to get a closer glimpse and realizing there are just of crazy people down here and use their better judgement to go back to their planet in another galaxy?

Whether you believe that or not, Colorado's UFO Watchtower, which really started out as a joke but has turned into one of the fun and interesting places to visit in the entire state that actually will allow you to spend the night.

 I mean, I'm not a firm believer but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if there were other lifeforms somewhere out there so I'm definitely intrigued by this place that is located in Southern Colorado in the San Luis Valley near The Great Sand Dunes. And how else could I explain this occurance that happens to me ALL. THE. TIME.  

Seriously though, I can only imagine the amount of stars (and possible spaceships) you could see in the sky with the lack of light pollution and that in itself would make for an awesome stay here while camping.

Whether you're looking to just visit or spend the night, it's a pretty sweet deal. Only $2 person, $5 per vehicle and if you're wanting to camp out, $15 will get the job done per tent with RV's allowed but no hookups.

If you'd like to get more info on the UFO Watchtower, just click HERE.

YouTube/ CCTV Video News Agency



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