Colorado has an amazing diversity of restaurants, and its culinary scene has put the state on the map as one of the best in the country. 

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The state has had a ton of amazing chefs come up through its ranks, with many getting featured on shows like “Top Chef”

We’ve got a ton of great options to choose from. Want to try a Chinese restaurant that has a unique flair? Check out Fortune Wok to Table out in Denver. 

Want to go to an elite Biergarten that has been featured on the hit show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives”? Make your way over to the Bohemian Biergarten in Boulder

However, another Colorado restaurant has been given its flowers, this time for its masterful steaks. 

Guard and Grace in Denver, Colorado Named the Best Steakhouse in the State

Yelp // Lena T.
Yelp // Lena T.

According to The Daily Meal, who created a list of the best steakhouse in every state, Colorado’s best cuts of meat can be found at Guard and Grace in Denver. 

They explain the choice was because of the restaurant’s new spin on the steakhouse. They note that the sheer size of the place, at 9,000 square feet, truly makes it a marvel of a restaurant. 

They also note something important about the restaurant; it's got a seriously expensive menu. When you go to Guard and Grace, expect to find some of the highest quality steaks you can find on the market.

The restaurant opened in 2014, and the name is a play on the head chef’s last name, Troy Guard, and his daughter’s name, Grace. They also opened a Houston, Texas location in 2019, which is even bigger than the original in Denver.

The Menu for Guard and Grace is Something to Behold

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At Guard and Grace, you will be served an experience like no other. In fact, it’s a place that has a required dress code, requiring “casual elegant dress”. It is indeed not your normal steakhouse. 

Of course, it offers more than just steak. They have a good selection of other entrees at your disposal, like their Braised Colorado Lamb, Skuna Bay Salmon, or their Alaskan Black Cod. 

However, we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to talk steaks

You’ve got three different categories: Prime, Wagyu, and Grass Fed. The Prime cuts has the most options, where you can get a filet mignon, new york strip, ribeye, cowboy ribeye, and a tomahawk bone-in ribeye. 

For the Wagyu, you can get it either as a filet mignon or new york strip. Finally, you can get the same two cuts from the grass fed section as well. 

Finally, they offer you a Filet Flight, which gives you 4 oz samples of their prime, wagyu, and grass-fed filet mignons. 

The Reviews for Guard and Grace are Overwhelmingly Positive

Yelp // Guard and Grace
Yelp // Guard and Grace

For the people who have been able to pony up enough money to dine at Guard and Grace, there seems to be nothing but positive reviews

Emily P. absolutely loved the filet mignon she had there, saying it:

“…was the softest steak I've ever eaten. It basically melts in your mouth and has so much flavor. I advise to cut it into very small pieces to savor it more!”

On the other hand, Alyssa M. noted that the wagyu filet:

“…seriously melted like butter in my mouth. Each bite was just so flavorful. One of the best steaks of my life”

While Isa G said it was “Absolutely the best meal” she had ever had, she also noted that:

“...each team member makes sure you are taken care of throughout your experience.”

With all of this being said, given Guard and Grace’s high price tag, it may not be for everyone. There are other options that are still amazing at different price ranges. 

However, if you’re looking to drop some serious money for a special occasion, Guard and Grace should be at the top of your list.

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