Who doesn't love pizza? While Colorado has many different excellent pizza options around the state, one of the most popular pizzerias in the country is finally making its Rocky Mountain debut.

The Best Pizza In Colorado

Growing up in Colorado and being a pizza fan from before I can even remember, I can tell you firsthand that Colorado has some incredible pizza options. From fast-chain pizzas like Blackjack or Marcos to awesome more local choices like Woody's Wood-Fired Pizza in Golden.

One extremely popular pizza restaurant that has about 300 locations in the western United States alone, has somehow alluded Colorado, until now.

Mountain Mike's Pizza Opening Forst Colorado Location

Opening its first location in Palo Alto, California, in 1978, Mountain Mike's Pizza will debut in Colorado on Wednesday, April 17th. In the last four decades, Mountain Mike's has grown from one location to roughly 300 locations from California to Wisconsin, so clearly this is some special pizza!

Colorado's very first Mountain Mike's location will be located in Parker, Colorado at 12239 Pine Bluffs Way, and will likely change the way you eat pizza. Very similar to Woody's or CiCi's Pizza, Mountain Mike's offers a fantastic Pizza Buffet, but is known for their fantastic carryout or delivery pizza.

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Mountain Mike's mission statement is only to use the freshest and finest ingredients for their pizzas, but they have way more than just pizza. They offer traditional and boneless wings, salads, sandwiches, sides, desserts, and more.

While Parker is where Mountain Mike's is making its Colorado debut, we can't imagine it's gonna be much longer before these fantastic pizzerias are popping up all over Colorado. Where do you want to see the next location? Speaking of fantastic pizza in Colorado...

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