Our Pal Dave wrote about the legendary Downtown Sound, in Downtown Loveland, closing its doors for good. Well, it turns out this iconic vinyl and instrument shop in Loveland could be given a new life!

Over the weekend Downtown Sound's Facebook Page posted a link to the Facebook Market Place stating that any interested parties in buying the beloved shop, should go ready the Market Place listing. The Marketplace listing had the following to say regarding a possible ownership opportunity:

Turnkey business is ready for a new owner immediately. Price is for all existing inventory, furniture, and fixtures. We are offering this unbelievable deal because we want the store to continue operation, but don't have the time to do it ourselves. The only stipulation for a buyer at this price is that a new lease must be signed for the current location.

The asking price for all of the above-mentioned is only $7500! I say "only" because most of the time when purchasing any sort of brick and mortar business it's way more expensive! Clearly, the current owners and operators felt the love from their community and it inspired them to try and find a way to keep it alive!

With all of that said, you won't really know what you're getting yourself into until you have the conversation about the cost of leasing the actual space would be. That was the main condition in purchasing the business from the current owners so I think it's safe to guess that is non-negotiable if you're actual;ly interested in keeping Downtown Sound alive!

Clearly, I'm not the only one who checked their savings account after reading this ad, but I'm not too sure my Mrs. would approve such a purchase at this point and time! If you're interested though, see the full Marketplace add HERE, and contact Downtown Sound HERE! 

Here's to hoping someone swoops in and saves Lovelands only Record shop!

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