This is the time of year that I literally start the countdown to the big feast.

Thanksgiving is upon us and while I've mentioned plenty of times that I'm fired up for Christmas, don't get it twisted: I love Thanksgiving and everything that it stands for and has to offer.

It's a day to really focus on what we have and simply be thankful. It's also a day to enjoy lots of football and eat massive amounts of food until you go into a food coma. Or is that just me?

I and my morning co-host Maxx were recently talking about our favorite and least favorite thanksgiving dishes because believe it or not, I don't like every single thing on the Thanksgiving table. Only about 93% of it.

We don't agree on much but Maxx and I both like green bean casserole and cranberries the least. And while Maxx loves her crockpot mac and cheese the most, I'm all about the stuffing. I can literally make a meal out of stuffing and gravy. And of course, that pecan pie that I never have enough room for but force myself to because my wife makes the most incredible pecan pie you've ever sunk your teeth into.

We opened it up to you as our question of the day and here are the results. May your thanksgiving be fulfilling in more ways than one.


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