Remember how great the 'Arsenio Hall Show' was, fist-pumps and woofs notwithstanding? All in all, it was an excellent addition to the late night pantheon of talk shows back in the '90s. Hall had a ton of great musical acts pass through his doors, including the Beastie Boys.

The Brooklyn rap trio stopped by Hall's show to promote their 1992 album, 'Check Your Head,' and to perform their big single, 'So What'cha Want.' Toward the end, they were joined by members of Cypress Hill. The Beasties were overactive, whiich was typical for them. You can also watch them bounce around like lunatics during their appearance on an unsuspecting Japanese TV show.

We're not sure what that thing is that Ad-Rock has hanging from the fly of his jeans, but we've got our fingers crossed that it wasn't what it looks like. He seemed intent on putting this mystery object on whatever and whomever he could. The Beastie Boys seemed like they were having a good time pushing a woman around on a bed and screaming.

And to wrap things up, we present you with this Beasties appearance on 'Late Night With David Letterman.' Instead of bouncing around like little kids hopped up on Mountain Dew, the fellows donned instruments and played one of their funk jams. They might have had the fuzz bass turned up a bit too loud, though.

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