Usually people watch football for the obvious, but not this Broncos fan.

The "rants & raves" section on Craigslist is where people go to b*tch about just about anything and everything from baby mama drama to backstabbing friends and cheating Tinder hookups. It's also a place to complain about the stupidest things - like how awful an all-American football hero looks horrible in his choice of dress. One complainer in Denver posted the following:

have you ever seen Elway in a suit and tie? He often wears pen stripped (sic) suits and looks horrible. He is too tall for them. If anyone needs a tailor it's Elway. He would look better wearing pads and a jersey around. Elway, if you read this: stop wearing expensive pen stripped (sic) suits. You're too tall and look horrible in them. Instead wear a flat black suit man.

My God, how petty!

While I can't believe I'm even wasting my time writing or caring about this, I have to show you the alleged awful *pinstriped suit in question. (See below.)

Getty Images

Good Lord. Shut up and watch football for the game, y'all. (Or don't watch at all if John Elway's suits bother you that much?)

I guess if you have an opinion about John Elway's suits, sound off in the comments?