Usually people watch football for the obvious, but not this Broncos fan.

The "rants & raves" section on Craigslist is where people go to b*tch about just about anything and everything from baby mama drama to backstabbing friends and cheating Tinder hookups. It's also a place to complain about the stupidest things - like how awful an all-American football hero looks horrible in his choice of dress. One complainer in Denver posted the following:

have you ever seen Elway in a suit and tie? He often wears pen stripped (sic) suits and looks horrible. He is too tall for them. If anyone needs a tailor it's Elway. He would look better wearing pads and a jersey around. Elway, if you read this: stop wearing expensive pen stripped (sic) suits. You're too tall and look horrible in them. Instead wear a flat black suit man.

My God, how petty!

While I can't believe I'm even wasting my time writing or caring about this, I have to show you the alleged awful *pinstriped suit in question. (See below.)

San Francisco 49ers v Denver Broncos
Getty Images

Good Lord. Shut up and watch football for the game, y'all. (Or don't watch at all if John Elway's suits bother you that much?)

I guess if you have an opinion about John Elway's suits, sound off in the comments? 

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